Why are we here...on this Earth? 
This is a question posed by philosophers, scientists, and the most knowledgeable thinkers throughout history.  And since it's such an innate question....in fact, it almost seems like we're born wondering "why" we're here.  Some of us know "where" we came from...but even that concept is a major controversy.  Why does it matter to us so much?  Are we so intensly afraid of death that we all spend some amount of time contemplating this topic? 
Here are the answers to these questions:
Obviously our origin is a source of great intrigue for most people...imagine the possibilites.  Or not.  Some are so certain of their beliefs that they are totally closed off to the conversation.  Which in and of itself is making a choice about the topic of discussion "Why are we here...on Earth?"  Not to talk about it because of closed mindedness is a choice. But what's too much?  This is probably too much. 
We each need to understand that life will forever be an eternal mystery- but what's life without some mystery?  And for others- those among us who've hit the jackpot...are the luckiest...as they have some sort of actual connection with Death. 
I was with my Granny when she died. I was 18 years old, had just finished High School...and was told that her husband couldnt' handle taking care of her anymore.  He needed help and she was on Hospice by then.  She'd been an incredible source of inspiration to me since I was born!  While most of the other members of her family either had full-time jobs, or were "otherwise engaged" right.... in the end - I made the decision to go to her, and help her through.  Actually- I helped her cross-over. 
The experience forever changed my life.  While I'd always been a believer....Spiritual person in nature, this experience changed me forever.  I could 'see' the things she was 'seeing' to a certain degree as I cared for her in her final days.  She was very, very weak, and slept quite a bit, but when she was awake she'd been quite lucid.  On the third or forth day after I got there, we were sitting on the couch together, and I was reading to her.  She turned to me suddenly and moved her face close to mine.  After studying my expression for a moment she said, "Aren't you scared?" "No." I answered quickly. And although my heart was racing, I knew it was true.  'Yes I was afraid of losing her'...but I'd had a lovely relationship with her throughout my lifetime, and she was...."READY" to go by then.  She backed up and nodded.  She lay down and asked me to continue reading.  I went on.
A few days later, she awoke and ate a very small bit of broth and crackers during lunch.  While we'd said a lot of very personal things to one another over those last few days....it was at that point that she suddenly wanted her wheelchair (which she'd devoutly Refused before). I wheeled it out and she took her seat. I pushed the footrests beneath her feet and she pulled a small blanket over her lap.  She looked up at me and said, "Take me for a spin about the house Lovey." I did.  I watched her as we moved thru the kitchen, living room, down the hallway and thru the bedrooms.  She was inspecting everything, to the smallest details.  She'd remark on the window coverings, the bedding, the tables, the decor' thruout the house. I asked her if she was feeling tired. And she said "Please take me out back Darling!"  Afternoon light shone through the back sliding glass door and screen, as I moved her closer to the door.  I opened the door.  It was warm out, I pushed her onto the patio, and a breeze swept over us.  She pointed out some flowers she'd planted years ago, and explained that they'd come back every year without fail by Spring.  She called them "posies".  She asked me to arrange them in three vases inside the house.  One in the living room, one on the mantle and one in the kitchen.  Intuition told me exactly when I'd be doing just that.  After a visit outside, she asked me to help her inside to the couch.  I read to her again.  As I'd done every day.  I read "Women Who Run with the Wolves".  Appropriate for her.
She'd always been a source of spirituality, inspiration, a love of art, beauty, and self-confidence for me.  My whole life, she'd been that person. She'd taught me a lot about Spirituality, and started teaching me Yoga when I was just 2 years old.  I still practice Yoga now, and my Spiritual ideology is based on the foundation of a mix of my Grandparents and 'Lil Mama's' beliefs.  All, people I loved more than life.  All people I would have given my life for if I'd had the choice.  All people whose influence would forever touch my life and....what I didn't know at that time....Her influence eventually inspired me to become the kind of mother I became and her belief in me, allowed me to grow and mature into the confident, loving, compassionate and patient mother and wife I have become now! 
As I helped her out of the wheelchair & onto the couch, I couldn't have known how intensely she would touch my later life. 
She died the very next morning.  Her husband (a sortof grandfather of mine who was a terrible man) didn't call people....instead he handed me their "contacts" book and asked me to make the "Passing Calls".  Which I did with as much of her self-confidence and pride as I could summon, even while I mourned her death! 
Since I was 18 years old, she's been with me every step of the way. Even when I may not have "listened" to her advice years ago, I listen, and I ask myself what would she want me to do...how would she guide me?
And I KNOW the answer.  "Why are we here, on this Earth...living each of our own lives?"  The answer is, to learn from the ones who love us the most.  We are each meant to learn how to love, as they loved us.  There are a zillion lessons we are each supposed to learn while we're on this earth.  We each have a specific destiny.  And we must follow our own path!  Still, the purpose of our lives, is LOVE!  How much honest love can we give and receive?  How honest are our connections with others?  When we are faced with people who are spiritually or emotionally toxic...do we feel sorry for ourselves, or do we remove ourselves and our children from those toxic people and into the pesence of Loving people?  Yes, we each have (Way TOO) many things to do in a very short period of time.  But the true purpose is how much can we inspire another?  How many people can we inspire while we're here?  How are we spending our time?  If we're worried about what might happen after we die, we know one thing- we're wasting our time.  The specifics of what happen to us when our souls leave our physical bodies will be our business when it's time.  Till then- how much can we Unconditionally Love!?  That is why we are here, on this earth, and until it's our "Time" to go, it's not our business what we'll do when we die.  Your business and my business on this earth is to move yourself and those you care about, as close to those who will give Unconditional Love every single day.  And to have FUN giving it! 
* Dedicated to GRANNY :) I will Unconditionally LOVE you forever! xo