Today, I'd like to pose a few questions of all Parents of Children with Autism...
Do you feel that YOU are in ultimate control of your destiny?  What about your child's destiny?  Did you know, that YOU are the ultimate guide for your & your Autistic child's destinies? 
YOU are already a powerful and spiritual being.  Think about that for a moment.  Pause and just allow that sentence to resonate with you.  If you think you've heard it all before....let me assure you that you haven't.
There are specific aspects of your inner spiritual nature that allow you to take control of your life.  Once you decide to become a master of controlling how you think, and what you will forever transform your life and in direct connection to you, Your Autistic child's life.  I bet there's a lot of people in your life who will be forever changed by your personal spiritual transformation.  Once you tap into the spiritual energies, and learn how to use them to steer your life in the direction of what you ultimately want, you'll find that you are in a place of healing and happiness every single day of your life. 
Once you make the choice to seek out the answers to the Universal questions, You will find that your child becomes an extension of your power.  You must understand though, that your Autistic child is not entirely reliant on you for that energy harnessing, destiny controlling power.  Your child is much more powerful than you probably realize.  But they are usually waiting for You to 'get it' and once you do, you learn the steps to take, one by one, to controlling how each and every day goes in your family's life.  Your child will take the proverbial "Ball" that You create, and he/she will run with it!  You'll be astounded at how independent your child actually is, when you give him/her the "space" to grow and discover for themselves. 
You are an incredibly powerful force right simply have to recognize it and then work each and every day to nurture your inner, spiritual power to guide your destiny for the rest of your life. 
In addition to all must know that there actually IS a "secret" to ultimate happiness and inner peace.  That's the most common thing people spend their time searching for.  You've likely never heard of it before and once you tap into your own spiritual power, you can utilize it to bring you into a place of perfect harmony with your desires, and especially your desire for ultimate happiness and inner peace.  Possibly the most incredible aspect of attaining ultimate happiness....the fact that once you have it, you'll be able to enjoy it every single day.  And another fabulous element of attaining ultimate happiness, is that you will continue to feel enthusiastic as you continue to search for and find new and exciting Goals.  As you go in search of attaining new things in your life, you'll enjoy the invaluable benefits of being fulfilled with the ultimate in happiness and inner peace.  Imagine what the world would be like if everyone lived each and every or most of their days in this state of being!  Amazing!  Possible!
Finally, as an ending to this Blog.  I'd like to extend and friendly challenge to Parents of Children with Autism... Find your way to this place and harness your own power.  Become master of your life and allow everything you want and need to come to you, including solutions to your child's needs.