How fabulous is it when you see actual improvement in your child with Autism?  "over the moon" is an understatement.  Our daughter- 5th Grade, in special Autism classroom, as well as integrated into the general ed room for reading, literature- computers, computerized math, art, music, library, P.E., and of course recess and lunchtime....came home with her "Friday weekly pack" of work from school. 
She got 100% on 3 of the 5 Math pages! Whoa!  It was obvsiously challenging Math.  She also completed assignements in sentence comprehension, and was able to answer all the questions on the worksheet with no help or prompting!
So what's the big secret?  There are a number of secrets to her successes- which is why I've written a book on how you can help your child achieve these same types of results. 
But the one major secret to our this;
Our daughter Knows she has the option of "calling Mom" for help if her teachers, aides and other administrators aren't understanding her.  She has a lot of health issues, and of course it's not easy for her translate how she's feeling on any given day to her teachers.  Especially when she's hormonal... YES- she's already a young lady, and has monthly PMS and we have to deal with that too.  Yes- She's calling the shots!
Still- she, like all children, wants to do well, be praised, feel good about herself, and get a Star on her papers.  We're very involved with her schooling, and we had a discussion with the administrators, and her teacher at the beginning of the school year.  I brought her in, and showed her as I wrote down my name, her name under it and my phone number on a post-it.  I explained to the Administration at her school that as long as she knows that when her efforts to express herself to her teachers- Isn't Working- SHE can take control of her own health, her own body, her own emotions.  She agreed to be a "good young lady" and we agreed with her to allow her to use the telephone in her classroom to call the number on the Post-It, anytime she felt like she needed extra help!
She's been amazing since we implemented this plan. 
The easy explanation- we took the Fear OUT of school!  She knows she's always in control, and if she feels anxiety that she and the nurse can't take care of, she can pick up the phone and call me, on my Cell phone wherever I am- and I will be there to help her.  Sometimes, she just needs to hear my voice.  Sometimes, she's not learning- she's just miserable...and in cases like that- since only her Father and I can really understand her emotionally and spiritually, she knows that I'll be able to tell when she just needs to leave school early.  If nothing is working.  If she's not learning.  And if she's simply feeling miserable, there is no reason for her to fight her way through a terrible day! 
I pick her up on those days.  But there are plenty of days when she uses her ability to call, and just tells me what she needs, then gives the phone to her teacher, and I Translate!  Then she re-integrates and has a successful day!  Go figure!  No FEAR equals CONFIDENCE and HARD WORK!  :) Good luck