GREETING'S to all of my POWER PARENT'S!  It's been sometime now since has been LIVE!  The website is all new and will contain brand new links & other specialty products that will be available for purchase.  Still, as of today, POA is still in desperate need of a facelift.   My Plan, to discover whatever this website, and YOU, the parents and site followers really need, as I go along.  I know that I need to post various Blogs, if for no other reason, to catch you all up on the latest info.  I first started this site about two years ago, and so much has changed since then....even for me personally.  I am happy to report, that things have changed for the better... in terms of Autism and in terms of my own personal situation.... So hopefully the changes will give me the upper-hand when it comes to  and I really am confident that you will realize that there will be a great deal of helpful information and topics here for You!  Your family needs you, care for you.