I didn't really know the meaning of the following phrase until recently..."You Can't Have it All"  In fact, I didn't believe that! I've always been a very "grass is greener" gal.  I wouldn't have thought it, but the adage is true.  I have recent experience to explain it. 
"You can't have it all" isn't the awful thing we thought it was!
Here's what they meant when they originally coined the term....they meant:
"You can't have it all, All at once."  Not that you can't have everything you want or need in your life.  But it is true that you can't have it all, all the time.  No one of us can.  Why?  Because our focus isn't that big- and we honestly wouldn't want it to be.  We'd all be totally overun with meeting our every desire, need, love, passion- every moment of every day. 
That would take all of the true JOY out of our Loves! 
The adage should be recoined to this: "You can have it all....so Prioritize accordingly!" 

You already know that I'm the mother of three children- twin boys (1 who has Autism) & my youngest, our 10 (almost 11 yr) old daughter, who also has Autism. I also have a grown step-daughter & 2 Grandsons.  My sister has twin baby boys who aren't even a year old yet. She's also blessed me and my family with another nephew (who's a teen like our boys), as well as a college age daughter, Daniel:) I'm very close to my Mum and my Daddy (my kids' grandparents)
Okay- On top of that....my husband and I spend a lot of time together...we're incredibly close, and I wouldn't change a moment of our time- it is precious!

Now, in addition to all this wonderful stuff in my life....I've been an Autism Activist and done web design and marketing, Ghost Speech Writing, and have co-written large documents for various Autism organizations. 
NOW- I can add AUTHOR in my own right!  As I've just had my first Book Published!! And this has been a thrilling experience, as I've written two Books.  My first book didn't really come out as I'd planned.  And I decided it wasn't focused enough on my particular passion. So- I put it on the backburner and kept working on all of my other work...which is obviously 'a-lot'.  Plus- I have a ton of hobbies I Love! I'm a very avid Photographer- for fun, and my hubby bought me the best camera for XMas two years ago! 
My family and I Love to Travel!  We take trips all over the place. We also go on outings around town as much as we can....experience galore. 
In addition to these loves, I always follow music, and have been a guitar enthusiast my entire life. My hubby, son and Father play, and Rock (of course).   I love to swim, love the ocean, love animals- trips to the Zoo, and love, love, love taking my family to 'theme parks'- we are all thrill ride lovers...any ride lovers for that matter. On top of these passions, I have numerous other interests, and they are all very important to me.....so....

My Point: "I Do Have It ALL"!! But do I have ALL of these things every single day of my life?  No.  Of course not.
Here's an example.  I've prioritized "Having it All" and a great example has been my recent Book.  As I've been in the intensive process of finishing writing it, having it edited, editing it myself, re-doing portions of it, then going thru the whole Publishing Process...I've had to let other passions sit on the side for a while.  It's not like I was able to focus on my Photography while I was going thru this....as well, I've had to stay focused on caring for my husband, children and family.  So- of course I've had to make certain choices about what I would focus on during the "Books" time. 
Now YOU too know the secret, to "Having it ALL"! 
Happy Friday to you ALL!
Blessings, Meredith Monica