A measure like this should be REQUIRED to be made ONLY by a VAST Number of
Professionals from various backgrounds & even from different countries, coming together- ie: Medical, Neurological, Geneticist,a Scientist (specializing in Brain) , 
Speech/Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, ASD specially trained Therapist
& then-  (lastly) a Psychiatrist!
If this passes- this "Psychiatric group will immediately cut over 80% of those with Autism off from their current treatments/services!!! Try telling me this measure isn't just a ploy to shift
the income from all the various Specialists/Over to the Psychiatric's a money, money, money thing. (Period) And it's Wrong!
Ummm- and hasn't it been the Pscyh community
who've been telling parents "we don't have enough testing or data to prove or
" (all sorts of things about Autism)? -YES! So, who do they suddenly think they

YES the DSM is currently very Outdated in its ASD Definition- If the DSM were honest in its description of Autism it would have the following defintion: Autism is a Neurobiological Mental Health Condition of Unknown and Unspecified Origin. Autism can not be treated through present day Psychiatry.  

PARENTS? Q. Have any of you ever known of an Autistic child being "cured, healed, or recovered" by a Psychiatrist? A. NO! Because Autsim can not, and never will be able to be "Talked" out of a child or adult with Autism!!